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Indiana continues to make its mark on the world of manufacturing. And with its continued success — grows our experience in the sector. Over the last decade, we have come alongside various manufacturing clients, from small startups to large multinational corporations, to solve problems related to brand development, product architecture, sales-funnel promotions, talent acquisition, employee communication, and community relations.


We are constantly adapting our experiences to tackle the unique challenges and opportunities each client presents. And with a tailored approach rooted in pragmatism, we have had tremendous success developing innovative and effective marketing communication tools and strategies to meet their distinctive business goals.

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Fratco, a leading manufacturer of corrugated plastic pipe, approached us at the onset of a significant growth trajectory. Despite their recent achievements, they faced critical business hurdles, including consistently and effectively communicating with a niche audience, increasing brand preference in an industry battling commoditization, and general communication-based growing pains stemming from an expanding footprint and increased demand. We were tasked to combat these challenges by developing a holistic and consistent marcom strategy while remaining agile enough to meet evolving demands.


Through a strategic marcom approach, we have been able to help Fratco achieve significant progress. At the core, we established a relevant brand position to help differentiate them from the competition as well as combat any perception of commoditization. We then applied the newly established brand position to all pre-existing communication materials, while simultaneously identifying areas that lacked adequate messaging and created new materials to address these gaps. Additionally, we established a cohesive product naming structure to reduce potential confusion among a widespread customer base. To address the challenges associated with a niche audience, we created of a new content channel, Tried & True. This publication has increased engagement with current and potential customers across the Midwest, all while bolstering Fratco’s brand position.

Working with Dearing Group was a game-changer for us. They quickly learned our industry, and their strategic approach made a significant impact on our success. The foundational changes they implemented have set us up for continued growth and success, making them a vital partner for our future.

Bill Champion, COO

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