Luke walker


Seemingly little time passes in Luke’s daily life when he is not reading something. Whether it’s a text book, piece of poetry, psychological journal, recent best-selling novel, or one of a million random online articles, Luke will find a way to cram some new bit of literature (nerdy or otherwise) into his already clustered mind. His passion for writing stands as the only rival to his love for reading.

As copywriter for Dearing Group, Luke’s focus continually orbits around one foundational core – the story. Clients’ products and very identities serve as living narratives, waiting to be told. That is where Luke comes in. He provides the voice for our clients – clearly conveying their strengths and goals to target audiences.

Luke graduated with a BA in Professional Writing from Purdue University where he studied business, technical, and web writing. Born a local boy, Luke continues to live in Lafayette near his family and close friends.