Kati Leslie

Client Services

To say “she wears many hats” would be a great injustice to the imperative role Kati fills in the agency, and experience as both a marketing communications coordinator and manager is only part of what allows her to wear each of them flawlessly. Without missing a beat, she readily operates as a living, breathing channel of communication between us and our clients ensuring all internal resources are focused on fulfilling their needs.

Behind the scenes she works to keep DG organized – managing key dates, project meetings, agendas and budgets. Attune to the minutest of details, Kati is “in the know” at all times making sure that each member of our full-service firm remains on schedule. And whether it’s writing, editing, graphic design or production, Kati’s experience in nearly all facets of the industry amplifies her understanding and awareness of each project. In short, she keeps our engines running – with some added torque.

A journalism graduate of Indiana State University, Kati lives in Mulberry with her husband, Dustin, daughter, Nellie, and their Golden Retriever, Lady.