Brand leadership.

Dearing Group knows the most memorable, vibrant and successful brands live at the top. That means your organization’s leadership team must drive and steer branding throughout the entire organization – top to bottom, inside and out, to every last employee or touch point. They must ensure your messages are visible, your promises are real and your values are clearly understood at all times.

We call it Brand Leadership, and it’s a mindset to help you embrace brand as an invaluable business asset. Thanks to in-depth planning and strategy that reflects your values, we define your brand’s identity and then help you guide it through every aspect of your organization.

Through several strategic initiatives, Dearing Group’s Brand Leadership and Development program empowers you and your management teams to define your brand and drive it throughout your organization.

It all starts with discovery.

During our intensive Brand Discovery Exercise, your key constituents and decision-makers work alongside our branding experts to share insights, opinions and visions concerning your brand.

Ultimately, we’ll build a consensus on what your organization really is, who its best audiences are, what those audiences’ desires are, and your key points of differentiation – meaning what makes you unique, special or different from your competition

Distinguish your organization.

Based on data and insights collected from your Brand Discovery Exercise, we craft a Brand Positioning Statement, or BPS. This creates an irreducible notion for your brand – where we unify the answers uncovered during brand discovery into a positioning statement that clearly distinguishes your organization.

The BPS serves as a succinct backroom measure against which to guide all internal and external communications, and it should influence all the actions, interactions, conversations, products and services in your organization.

Keeping your brand's promise.

If the Brand Positioning Statement stands as your brand’s promise, then Key Messaging gives your audience numerous, compelling reasons to believe you can keep it.

Key Messaging directly supports your BPS and can be developed and categorized by unique audiences or key notions. It also drives your organization’s communications to all audiences – internal or external – and determines the attitude and intentions of the story your brand has to tell.

In a nutshell, Key Messaging guides what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it – ensuring consistency across your brand and throughout your organization.

How it relates.

Brand architecture determines how your brand relates to existing products and service lines or, if it’s a component of a larger company, how it connects to an overarching corporate brand.

Our Brand Architecture initiative investigates the ways in which your brand is tethered to your products and services, as well as how it may complement your company’s parent brand. We then prepare a visual hierarchy of these relationships and, as necessary, specifically address such issues as naming conventions for product and service lines. Once we’ve determined your Brand Architecture, you can best determine how your new brand aligns with your organization’s services and structure.

Define your brand's identity.

Is your brand a whirlwind that sweeps customers off their feet? Or does it possess a quieter strength? Do you think of your brand as a ruler or a servant? Is it intensely passionate or coolly philosophical?

Known as Brand Archetypes, there are a dozen personalities to identify your brand and understand its temperament and traits. Once you’ve nailed down your Brand Archetype, it gives your brand an authentic tone.

Dearing Group will help you determine and define your brand archetype, then illustrate how your organization expresses it through customer experience, brand positioning and business culture.

Navigating touchpoints.

Your brand has many touchpoints. Do you know exactly how and when your audiences navigate them? For that matter, do you know what all of these touchpoints are?

Dearing Group will guide you through your audience’s Customer Journey to clearly discern how they interact with your brand throughout all of your organization’s touchpoints. The process culminates in a comprehensive, detailed Customer Journey map – a flow-chart graphic that visually demonstrates audience interaction with your brand. This chart also strengthens your brand by helping you identify necessary content, collateral or tools to meet customers’ or prospects’ needs throughout their entire relationship with you. In turn, you can increase sales, customer satisfaction and customer retention.

A focus on consistency.

In our Brand Audit process, Dearing Group thoroughly reviews all of your current internal and external marketing communications, including print and electronic media, and measures these pieces against your newly adopted BPS, Key Messaging and Customer Journey. We then advise you on adding, updating or retiring pieces based on how closely they adhere to your newly conceived brand. By ensuring your materials are up-to-date and telling the same strategic story, we help you boost brand consistency, reduce customer confusion and build brand equity faster.

Capturing the essence of your brand.

To truly embrace newly defined values and visions, an organization must sometimes change its identity.

It can be as simple as tweaking existent visual design or creating a new logo. But it can extend to an organizational name change that more clearly and vividly reflects your newly conceived brand.

As necessary, Dearing Group will work with you to develop treatments for a visual identity (e.g., logos, colors, naming conventions) that aligns with your newly created BPS, your newly defined Key Messaging and the newly determined tone of your brand. After we’ve gone through this process, we can definitively ensure all aspects of your visual identity embody the essence of your brand.


Guidance for success.

Long-term brand success relies on more than what you say you are. It’s driven by what your audience believes you to be.

Brands are constantly evolving, multidimensional entities with numerous audiences and touch points. Identifying, aligning and managing these points of interaction are essential building long-term, productive equity in your brand.

Creating a Brand Steering Committee made up of representatives from your organization’s key brand touch points provides you and your management teams with guidance to oversee your brand’s day-to-day implementation. It also furthers your brand’s achievements by aligning your desired identity with operations that create more positive customer experiences.

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