Tell your story.

Our brand strategists have rigorously outlined your brand’s story and our creative team has “written” that story. There’s one last piece to Dearing Group’s full-service, brand-centric approach: Tell your story.

A story unheard is a story untold. But you can’t simply put it down on paper and hope for the best. Dearing Group helps you ensure your brand and your story are heard, and understood, by all the right people.

Effective communication is less about cranking up the volume than it is about striking an effective balance in the mix. Your brand can reach people in any number of ways. We help you select those that speak strongest on your behalf – whether it’s printed collateral, a comprehensive website, strategic media buying, environmental branding or a combination.

Your virtual doorstep.

Everyone knows a website is merely your organization’s ante to get in the game. But it’s also a communication tool that can make or break your credibility. Is yours missing out on opportunities to tell your story and build genuine, long-lasting relationships?

At Dearing Group, we excel at making the web an important conduit to your company’s brand. Our full suite of digital solutions gets you up to speed faster and for less – leveraging the latest emerging technologies and trends while offering unlimited functionality and unparalleled ability to tell your story and reach your audience wherever they are.

Is your message getting through?

Do you have the right mix of social, emerging and traditional media? Are you getting the most exposure for your dollar?

Dearing Group doesn’t just guess the answers. We know them. Our smart media buying helps you avoid using habits or hunches to choose how, where and to whom you advertise.

Our powerful media-buying software places valuable market data at our fingertips to streamline the process. It lets us give you expert, exacting analysis, arranged for high-impact, hassle-free media placement, and target key audiences in specific markets selectively and strategically.

Plus, we’re always on the lookout for emerging media opportunities that cater to your brand and your story – such as search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing and ad network placement, all of which can bring new visitors to your virtual doorstep. And we’ll always give you all the facts you need to be confident of your media-buying decisions and achieve the results you want.

Brand your surroundings.

Have you considered what your surroundings say about your brand? When you host visitors, guests or potential customers, does your organization’s physical environment effectively embody all of your brand’s traits? With environmental branding from Dearing Group, everything from walls to nametags becomes an opportunity for you to tell your story.

Environmental branding is an up-close, personal way to present audiences with your brand’s message, interactively engage them with your organization’s values and history, and tell a cohesive, compelling story by maximizing use of your physical space.

Dearing Group can enhance your environment – and your brand position – by creating custom-designed print materials, display kiosks, digital signage, large-scale media exhibits, history walls or rooms and more.

Make an impression.

Even a simple print piece is an ideal opportunity for your organization to strategically share your brand and tell your story. Bring pep to your promotional pieces by synthesizing your brand values into brochures, leave-behinds, pamphlets, annual reports, flyers and more.

At Dearing Group, the production of printed collateral is never pedestrian. Say you need a brochure. Is it a four-panel brochure or a booklet? What part of your story should it tell? By asking questions rooted in brand strategy, we ensure your printed collateral imparts both the essential information and everything important about your brand.

We always think about how these publications fit into your brand-centric approach to help you deliver an impression, not just information.

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