Alivia Roberts

Client Services

As our Client Services Specialist, Alivia is always in center of the action. She is the keeper of schedules, master of communication, and the organizational anchor that keeps the rest of us grounded and sane. Whether it’s copy, graphics, web content, videos, or any aspect of production, Alivia’s watchful eyes oversee each stage of a project’s development to ensure every detail harmonizes and runs smoothly.

Beyond managing internal budgets, due dates, and project meetings, Alivia serves as Dearing Group’s voice – effectively connecting with our clients and understanding their individual needs. She loves helping people tell their stories effectively, and emphasizes consistency and relatability when it comes to effective branding.

After graduating from Purdue University, Alivia moved to Wisconsin where she gained valuable experience in account management. Dearing Group brought her back to Lafayette where she currently lives with her Golden Retriever puppy, Winnie.