Who We Are

At Dearing Group, it’s all about your brand.

Dearing Group isn’t just a brand-development firm that strategically defines your brand and then turns you over to another team to carry it out. And we’re more than an ad agency to whom you’d turn merely for creative ideas.

Instead, we’re a full-service fusion of the best from both – with brand expertise as the foundation for everything we do and a diversely talented team of award-winning, brand-focused specialists. We combine ingenuity and imagination all under one roof – to define, create and communicate your brand and your story with unrivaled consistency and continuity.

Our brand strategists help define your brand and consultatively guide you through Brand Leadership, so you can embrace your brand as an invaluable business asset and embed it in your organization from the top down. Our creative team pulls your brand’s values and visions into focused, inspired concepts, themes and campaigns – whether it’s a brand we’ve defined or one we’ve helped to bolster. Then, we use the power of smart, strategic media buying to ensure all the right people hear, and understand, your brand and your story.

Since 1976, this is how we’ve created new opportunities and innovative solutions for our clients. And we’ve partnered with established, mature brands as well as new brands seeking their true identity.

Yes, we’re still data hounds. And yes, we still use processes like archetypes, interviews and workshops to identify what our clients’ brands truly are. But we never lose sight of your brand or your story, and our strategy and leadership keep the two entwined firmly and intelligently.

Your brand. Your story. That’s our approach. Let us help you tell yours.


Bob Dearing

Owner / President

As owner/president, Bob has united his passion for branding, bold entrepreneurial spirit and broad depth of experience in his vision for Dearing Group — to define, create and communicate brands for everyone from large companies to not-for-profit organizations. From the first discussions about brand development to the final stages of media placement, Bob leads a team that shares his love for pure business strategy and creative expression.

After graduating from Purdue University in 1989, Bob joined the firm as an account executive and was instrumental in bringing aboard such clients as Purdue Athletics, Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health and the Purdue Research Foundation. In 1994, he was named Vice President and, in April 2004, purchased the firm. In 2011, he renamed the firm Dearing Group.

Bob’s incisive understanding of client markets and branding approaches has inspired some of the firm’s most successful campaigns and netted dozens of awards. He also leverages years of experience to advance healthcare, higher education, financial and athletic marketing. But it’s his ability to discern, interpret and align clients’ goals into long-term strategies and successes that has made him a go-to brand watchdog and consultant throughout the Midwest.

Bob lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, with his wife, Michelle, his daughter, Julia, and his son, Bobby.


Ross Tanner

Brand Strategist / Vice President

Merging his passion for creativity with a knack for problem-solving, Ross works closely with new and existing clients to help them leverage their brand’s power – whether guiding them through brand development or arranging communication through strategic media placement. A Ball State advertising graduate, Ross lives in West Lafayette with his wife, Melissa, and daughters, Olive & Cathryn.

In Ross, our clients have one of the best advocates for success they’ll ever know. He’s always inquiring about new solutions we can create for them to provide their next brand-focused achievement. Plus, he’s a stickler for detail, immersing himself to learn the inner workings of our clients’ goals and putting exacting efforts into uncovering the essence of their brands.



Chelsea Shamy

Account Executive

For Chelsea, communication is key, and when she graduated from Purdue University with a degree in public relations, Chelsea set out with all the tools she needed to find success. Chelsea was drawn to Dearing Group because she thrives at the intersection of creativity and strategy inherent in the field of marketing. Her infectious and upbeat personality, along with her past agency experience, makes her an excellent resource for helping our clients achieve their goals. Happy to be back in her home state, Chelsea has returned to Indiana to put down roots with her partner, also named Chelsea, and their motley crew of barn cats.

Collin Harbison

Senior Art Director

A jack-of-all-trades in the fast-paced design industry, Collin fuses his love for art and technology as he oversees art direction within the creative department and collaborates on web and technology solutions. A graduate of Purdue University's Computer Graphics Technology program, Collin lives in Lafayette with his wife, Laurie, and daughters Saylor and Avery.

If the Internet assumed human form, it might look and act like Collin. When you have an unquenchable desire to understand how things work, it’s natural to become a seemingly endless repository of information. And when Collin doesn’t know about something, his mind churns with the right questions to ask. It always leads him to innovative, engaging design solutions for our clients that ultimately make perfect sense.


Kati Leslie

Client Services

To say “she wears many hats” would be a great injustice to the imperative role Kati fills in the agency, and experience as both a marketing communications coordinator and manager is only part of what allows her to wear each of them flawlessly. Without missing a beat, she readily operates as a living, breathing channel of communication between us and our clients ensuring all internal resources are focused on fulfilling their needs.

Behind the scenes she works to keep DG organized – managing key dates, project meetings, agendas and budgets. Attune to the minutest of details, Kati is “in the know” at all times making sure that each member of our full-service firm remains on schedule. And whether it’s writing, editing, graphic design or production, Kati’s experience in nearly all facets of the industry amplifies her understanding and awareness of each project. In short, she keeps our engines running – with some added torque.

A journalism graduate of Indiana State University, Kati lives in Mulberry with her husband, Dustin, daughter, Nellie, and their Golden Retriever, Lady.


Angie Klink


As an author, historian, copywriter and marketer, Angie brings a broad skill set to ably and creatively tell the brand-centric stories particular to each DG client. She is the author of eight books—biographies, histories, children’s books and collections of personal essays. Angie enjoys telling true stories because, as they say, truth is often stranger (and more wondrous) than fiction.

Angie has been honored with 58 American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards throughout her writing career, including a 2016 American Advertising Federation Silver Medal Award recognizing lifetime achievement in the marketing, advertising and public relations industry.

Angie is a board member of the National Women’s History Project (NWHP) where she chairs the Marketing and Promotions Committee. She is a blogger for the American Writers Museum in Chicago. She holds a BA from the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. Angie lives in Lafayette, Indiana, with her husband, Steve, and their sons, Jack and Ross.


Temo Morales

Graphic Designer

At the Art Institute of Indianapolis, Temo’s work earned “Best in Show” during portfolio presentations and has since allowed him to work as a freelance graphic designer for businesses around the Lafayette community and across the country. After working with a diverse spectrum of patrons, his bank of skills and experience proves to make him a strong asset to both our creative department and our clients. Temo lives in Lafayette with his wife, Valerie, and Siberian husky, Chewy.

Even when Temo’s off the clock, this night owl is combing through virtual design communities, portfolios and social media to strengthen his keen eye for visual communication and stay ahead of emerging trends of the field. His love of design is fueled by a personal mission to help our clients connect their audiences in a powerful way. Temo believes that uniting genuinely great brands with effective design will always improve the lives of others, someway, somehow.


Flossie Hayden

Office Manager / Receptionist

For the last 20 years, Flossie has been the friendly face you see when you first walk through our door. She’s also the glue that holds this place together – answering phones, delivering projects, recording schedules, handling accounts payable and entering data to keep us organized and running at peak efficiency. A lifelong resident of Lafayette, Flossie loves spending time with her three children and six grandchildren.

Flossie will always remember how you take your coffee. But our clients all know she’s far more than a mere greeter. To them, she’s the trusted gatekeeper – someone who always knows the fastest way to connect them to the people they need to see and the information they need to have.


Daniel Merrell

Design Intern

From fountain pens and sketch pencils to a mouse and keyboard, anything can be a tool for creativity and expression of ideas. Daniel utilizes these tools and his multi-faceted background in science and language to create designs which communicate effectively. He is a Purdue University student wrapping up a degree in Visual Communications Design, which serves him well in his efforts to make the unnoticed noteworthy. He has a passion for language which he engages visually in typography and calligraphy and semantically through hobbies like conlanging and learning foreign languages.

Daniel is experienced in working closely with clients or their representatives through his time spent freelancing and previous internships. He is most satisfied by the intersection of creativity and communication that arises when a logo or marketing campaign finally launches, and by the happiness of a client when they see their product fully realized.